Woodruff Faculty Fellows

Pictured left to right: Associate Professors Rudolph Gleason, Dan Kotlyar, and Levi Wood.

Three Professors Selected as Woodruff Faculty Fellows

June 21, 2023
By: Ashley Ritchie

Three professors in the George W. Woodruff School of Mechanical Engineering have been selected as Woodruff Faculty Fellows in recognition of their outstanding research accomplishments, emerging leadership in their field, and the contributions they have made to Georgia Tech and the Woodruff School.

Associate Professors Rudolph Gleason, Dan Kotlyar, and Levi Wood will hold the position of Woodruff Faculty Fellow from July 1, 2023, to June 30, 2028. The award is accompanied by discretionary funds that amount to $12,000 a year, meant for the recipients to continue to grow their research and educational programs.

Gleason’s research focuses on developing mathematical theories for soft tissue growth and remodeling that allow for the incorporation of observations made at multiple length scales and developing novel experimental models to test the underlying assumptions of theoretical simulations that allow for parallel observations at different length scales.

Kotlyar directs the Computational Reactor Engineering (CoRe) Laboratory. His research focuses on developing next-generation production tools as well as designing advanced and low-cost nuclear energy systems, aiming to bridge theoretical reactor physics with the practical aspects of nuclear engineering and design.

Wood directs the WoodLab – Lab for Systems Biology of Inflammation. His research focuses on applying systems analysis approaches and engineering tools to identify novel clinical therapeutic targets for inflammatory diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease and inflammatory bowel disease.

The process of choosing the Woodruff Faculty Fellows was based on initial data provided by each faculty member, which reflected their publications, sponsored expenditures, and graduate student advising. Selections are made in the spring and the number of fellows named varies each year.