Undergraduate Advising

Mission: To support and inspire the development of Woodruff School undergraduate students.

Vision: Undergraduate academic advising in the Woodruff School will actively engage students in their educational experience so they can become independent, life-long learners who are innovative and contributing members in their larger community.


Academic Advising Hours & Appointment Information

  • Advising hours are 8-12 and 1-4 ET, Monday - Friday for most advisors.
  • Advisors see students in-person and remotely Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, and remotely only on Thursday and Friday.
  • Sign up for an appointment through Advisor Link one day in advance. Students can select in-person advising or virtual advising.

         Advisor Link - Schedule an Appointment with your Academic Advisor 

Virtual Drop-In Advising Hours

  • Virtual Drop-In Advising:  Thursdays from 9-11 AM and 2-4 PM
    • All drop-in advising is virtual only and for short 5-10 minute questions only. This is not for required advising or long term scheduling. 

         Drop-In Advising Link (virtual only)

Academic Advisor Signatures on Forms

  • Forms will take ~2 business days to sign. During active registration times, this may be delayed up to a week.
  • All forms using DocuSign should be send to Kristi Mehaffey at kl127@gatech.edu for the ME or NRE advisor signature.
  • All other forms should be submitted to the ME/NRE Canvas Advising.

         ME/NRE Canvas Advising site

Undergraduate Advising Requirements

We require individual academic advisement appointments for the following groups of students:

First-Year Freshman (ME and NRE):  First-Year Advising Worksheet

Students taking ME 2202, ME 2205 or NRE 3301Milestone Advising Worksheet

Academic ReviewAcademic Review Worksheet

Midterm Advising: Students with unsatisfactory midterm grades Midterm Worksheet

Mechanical and Nuclear Engineering Academic Advisors

Lenna Applebee

Lenna Applebee

Advises ME students with last names A - C. Temporarily advises last name L.

Email Lenna

Schedule an appointment


Lauren Allen

Lauren Allen

Lauren is currently out of the office and will return in October, 2024. 

Email Lauren

Schedule an appointment

Mary Beth Morris

Mary Beth Morris

Advises ME students with last names Sj - Z.  Temporarily advises last names K and O. 

Email Mary Beth

Schedule an appointment


Rachel Robideaux

Rachael Robideaux

Advises ME students with last names D - Ha. Temporarily advises last names Hb - Hz, I and J. 

Advises NRE students with last names A - M. 

Email Rachael

Schedule an appointment

Kristi Mehaffey

Kristi Mehaffey

Advises ME students with last names P - Si.  Temporarily advises last names M and N.

Advises NRE students with last names N - Z. 

Email Kristi

Schedule an appointment

ME Career Advising

Kristi Mehaffey

Kristi Mehaffey

Handles career advising for all ME students (A-Z). 

Schedule an appointment

NRE Career & Faculty Advising

Faculty advisors are available to help with career planning, research opportunities, technical electives and graduate school. Faculty advisors are assigned by the first letter of your last name.

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